Non-Denomination Christian & Catholic Cognitive Therapy


Dr. Constance Salhany has a sub-specialty for specific clients interested in a faith-centered approach,  which identifies as a non-denominational Christian and Catholic worldview. Those requiring all aspects of faith-centered needs, including post-abortative counseling find this approach helpful.

"Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind"
– Romans 12:2

Dr. Salhany believes that Cognitive Therapy is a useful vehicle for helping non-denominational Christian and Catholic clients in renewing their minds, and changing maladaptive thinking. While some have criticized Cognitive Therapy for a being insensitive to the patient's worldview, the basis of such a conclusion is found in the failure to adequately implement and tailor the therapy to the particular patient. Cognitive Therapy is a collaborative approach between the therapist and the patient. It addresses thoughts and beliefs of the particular individual. Religion, spirituality, value systems, and virtues are important to the individual's belief system. Rather than trying to ignore these in therapy, it is essential to understand them and to help the person heal. Dr. Salhany skillfully incorporates patients' spirituality or religious convictions when working from this type of intervention. This sub-specialty involves tailoring Cognitive Therapy for the non-denominational Christian client.

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