About Us

A Message from our Founder & Director

Dr. Salhany

Cognitive Therapy of Staten Island (CTSI) is a patient-focused treatment center with an emphasis on compassionate care for those suffering with anxiety and depressive disorders who live on Staten Island, New York City and New Jersey. Here, you find a group of dedicated and highly trained individuals who provide the highest-quality of treatment utilizing cognitive-behavioral therapy techniques.

Our evidence based treatments for anxiety and depressive disorders have been extensively studied by major institutions and researchers and have been found to be most effective. At CTSI, the treatment will be provided by psychologists and licensed mental health counselors specifically trained in these state-of-the-art techniques. The therapy is collaborative and each client receives customized goals reviewed regularly with expected milestones in recovery.

Whatever the needs of the individual, CTSI will provide an extensive initial evaluation and work with the client to decide what is right for you. We are dedicated to the Staten Island community and place high regard for restoring a "quality life" back to our clients.

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