Has your life been affected by fears or phobias?

Cognitive Therapy of Staten Island incorporates new technology into cognitive behavioral treatment with use of Virtual Reality (VR) simulation, a scientifically validated technology. Virtual Reality is backed by over 20 years of research and more than 1500 successfully treated patients.

Cognitive Therapy of Staten Island utilizes Virtual Reality technology to create innovative and creative scenarios that allow patients with phobias or other anxiety disorders to experience situations from afar, making the treatment experience more comfortable and less fearful. VR also provides a safe and predictable space to experiment with new or uncomfortable situations within the privacy of the office and the virtual world. This allows for a more controlled environment that ensures confidentiality and that can be repeated over and over again.

A computer or video generated experience can be customized according to the patient’s current level of functioning and specific short term and long term therapy goals. A virtual reality environment can be created for each individual using his or her own feared situation and specific anxiety triggers. Once the simulated environment is created, the therapist can guide a patient through the customized environment or manipulate the virtual situation in real time to obtain the most desired outcome. Patients can also visualize their progress with patient reports about each VR session. A truly interactive experience, from start to finish!