OCD Program

While standard therapy is usually one time per week, the frequency of visits might need to be greater for those with OCD. No one masters playing an instrument by going to a lesson just once a week; therefore we know that one must practice in between lessons. It is similar with OCD treatment. Therapists assist or coach with OCD exposure. The patient must make an investment in frequent practice or exposure sessions.

When some people try to do homework on their own outside of their weekly sessions, they may get discouraged and feel the need to drop out of the much needed treatment. Often symptoms are too distressing or intense to do exposure independently. More frequent or intense sessions with the clinician are needed.

At Emmaus CBT/Cognitive Therapy of Staten Island (CTSI), we offer expert Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) treatment. Just finding someone on Staten Island to offer ERP with OCD patients is difficult. Often, patients must leave Staten Island to obtain these services.

EmmausCBT/CTSI leads the way in helping patients with OCD, with expert treatment that is carefully tailored for each individual. We recently instituted more intensive or frequent ERP treatment options. We are the only site on Staten Island to do so. In addition we use Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) which involves newer evidence-based strategies and has research support.

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