Dr. Salhany Discusses the Impact of Mental Illness with Freedom From Fear

Dr. Salhany is a Certified Diplomate, Fellow, Trainer and Consultant, Academy of Cognitive Therapy. Her discussions with Freedom from Fear can be viewed below:


It is important to note that while many identify themselves as Cognitive Therapists few are actually well-trained and/or credentialed in Cognitive Therapy. Dr. Salhany is one of approximately 115 people in the world to hold the high credential of Certified Trainer and Consultant in Cognitive Therapy. She herself received training and personal supervision from Dr. Judith Beck. Dr. Salhany is a skilled and experienced educator with a passion for mentoring. Individualized CBT training geared toward certification in CBT is offered for all Mental Health Professionals.

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For more information, please contact us or email Dr. Salhany at csalhany@cognitivetherapysi.com